These 3 products glued on any support except a Lumaflex sub construction, do not meet the EN 14 904 Standard requierements, ans as a consequence can not be considered as Sports floors. In order to provide the customer with the best use of product, this installation guide has to be followed carefully to guarantee conformity. If not, Tarkett Sports will not be responsible for damages following installation.
Any use of the product for purposes other than the ones set out, in the condition of use, should be submitted to Tarkett for prior approval.
If you need any further information, please contact your dealer who will provide you with the appropriate advice.

Choice of laying techniques

The sub floor must be dry, flat, clean, strong and without cracks. If the subfloor is too porous, you will have to waterproof it by a screed made of epoxy resin. CTSB specifications 286 - NF P 90 202: sports floor sub-floors: bumps and holes must not exceed 6mm under the 3m ruler and the moisture of the - sub floor must not be over 4.5% - P62-203 DTU 53-2: Glued plastic floor coverings.
Omnisports Training – Omnisports Speed and Omnisports Compact are specially designed to be totally glued on the sub floor.

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